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Our Work

The Philly CEAL Approach

  • Come together to share diverse set of perspectives and voices in order to create factual, trustworthy COVID-19 resources

  • throughout the to share experiences and  resources

  • Distribute and share information through virtual and in-person community outreach

Rapid Assessment
  • Collect information through:

    • Online/phone surveys

    • SMS brief surveys

    • Epidemiologic data

  • Host events that allow for discussions of important and timely issues about COVID-19, giving community members a chance to ask questions

  • Evaluate what's working and inform rapid response to epidemic shifts

  • Share information about on-going campaigns

  • Partner and meet communities where they are, using voices of trusted sources to address community knowledge, misinformation, and mistrust about COVID-19.

Philly CEAL is leading 8 priority initiatives:

Evaluation of Neighborhood Mobilization Strategy
Coalition Mobilization Strategy
Prototyping & Piloting of Revised Testing and Vaccine Messages
Shifts in
COVID-19 Attitudes based Morbidity/
Mortality Trends across US
Social Interactive Feedback Team
Parent's Perspectives regarding Kids' Vaccination
Youths' Perspectives regarding COVID-19 Vaccination
Network Analysis regarding COVID-19 Response
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